Allow us to capture a moment in time. A timeless impression of your babies first touch. Imagine their little hands and tiny feet cast in plaster or clay. These prints will capture all the delicate details of babies hand and footprints.

We can also do toddler prints and combination of parents and kiddies prints. Want to preserve more… A favourite outfit or their first pair of shoes. In years to come, we know that these images will evoke tender memories, many smiles and the odd tear.

This also makes for a fantastic gift to give to loved ones or to keep as a unique family heirloom.


Our hand and footprints casts are a unique and a special way to remember moments in your baby or child’s life. The casts may vary from one foot, to mother, father and baby hand prints. As a customer, you may request any layout of the casts, images or plaque. You provide us with your vision and we will help you create it!

All our hand and footprints castings are done on an appointment basis. We advise booking a day in advance so we can make all the necessary arrangements to make sure the appointment runs smoothly and that your baby is comfortable. After the appointment, we will consult with you on framing choices and colour options. All our hand and footprint casts are unique, this means that the sizing will vary from customer to customer. We provide a quotation after the consultation once all the sizing is complete and when you are 100% happy with the final result.

We do offer set sizing options for customers if they do not have a specific vision in mind. We provide pricing upon request. We also offer advice on the sizing of the image/s you would like to add to the frame as well as if you request a plaque with information about your baby, we help you from start to finish!