I like to select a diverse range of artwork to display in my Gallery.  I have found that what one client finds beautiful, another would never think of hanging that specific artwork in their home or office space.

I always say if something catches your eye, buy it!  If you don’t and go back later it might be sold.  To me it is more important to hang a piece of artwork or even just a canvas print, on the wall that speaks to you, irrespective of what you might have paid for it.  It may even just be a piece of artwork that one of your own children have done. This piece might mean so much more to you than an investment piece of art that you walk past every day and can’t bear to look at it as it’s not an extension of who you are! 

Even down to mirrors and prints we ensure that our clients receive the same personal touch given to every artwork. You will be amazed at how the right choice of frame, can enhance and completely change the way even the simplest of artworks can look, be it a photograph or even an oil painting.

We also have a nice variety of ceramics on display.  Some of the works are done by myself.  We are in the process of wanting to expand our ceramics in the near future. I have a young lady who is one of our team that is qualified in Ceramic Design.

My desire is that when you walk into my gallery that you  feel at home and that you are drawn to my artworks, captivating you with each piece that has been created.  When you leave, I would have made a new friend and we can work together on creating an inviting environment where you can spend quality time with friends and family! I will help you to turn your house into a home displaying aspects of your own personality.

Creative Life Gallery is an Art Gallery that promotes local artists. We keep a variety of different Art, Ceramics and Prints



  • Desiré Wright
  • Itai Vangani
  • Dennis Delmar
  • Francis Sibanda
  • Itai Vangani
  • Didi de Bryn


  • Baby Hands and Footprints
  • Meshack Masuka
  • Desiré Wright


  • Pictorial Décor Consulting
  • Custom Cushion Covers
  • Ottomans


  • Bespoke Framing
  • Corporate Framing
  • Memorabilia
  • Mirrors
  • Block Mounts
  • Canvas Stretcher Frames
  • Ready Made Frames


  • Local Artist Prints
  • Reproduced Artworks
  • Canvas Prints