Our Story


Creative Life Gallery was established in 2002.  I am an artist with a textile design background.  I studied art at the Johan Carinus Art Centre in Grahamstown.  I started out in the painting class and hated every moment of it! Needless to say, today that is my passion! I was moved into the textile design department where I flourished within the first term.  

So what had started out as a hobby from home has turned out to be my passion today. The irony being that today I paint and do ceramics! Painting being my first passion!

Over the years, picture framing has become so much like the fashion industry… changing all the time.  Many years ago, there were a limited amount of frames and styles of framing to choose from.  Today, with technology they are able to create many beautiful frames and this helps us when turning something very simple like a photograph into a work of art. We are able to take really old pieces of artwork and just by changing the frame we can “dress them up” to suit your surroundings.










We have a full in-house framing service. I get great pleasure out of helping clients select the correct picture, artwork or even a photograph and then to help them chose a frame, enhancing those spaces that are close to their heart.  I think that being an artist myself, helps when selecting the perfect frame or picture.  I see the finished product through the eyes of an artist and not just someone who can cut four pieces of wood or synthetic moulding, join the four corners and call this framing! Framing is a specialised art form all on its own.

When invited into your home, I try and select beautiful pieces of artwork to enhance your home. Sometimes there might even be artworks which have been stored away which can do with a nice new frame to give them a new lease on life. Over the years, I have found that every client has a different style when it comes to selecting artworks, prints or mirrors for their homes. This is what turns your house into a home. Your home is an extension of who you are. Your own personal taste and character coming through in the items that you have chosen to surround yourself with. Your home is the place where you get to escape the pressures of this world and express your own individual taste and personality.

We have also consulted with large corporates for many years. Besides the selection and customization of all the companies’ décor requirements, we also do framing of certificates, awards, plaques and trophies, and again we ensure that they fit and reflect the company profile and ethos.

As mentioned we have worked with numerous Interior Decorators, from doing residential homes, office spaces, right through to massive hotels, game reserves, medical facilities, and certain government projects.