Many of my clients have become more than just clients!  It is very important to me to get to know my clients and in this way I am able to help them make all those important framing decisions.

When framing up something that a client has brought into the gallery, firstly it is something that means something to them or else they would not bother framing it up!  I believe that integrity is the highest quality in service and will be very honest with my clients when it comes to choices that need to be made.

I will never insist on “production line” type framing, because I personally feel that it would not enhance the artwork. I will ensure that the customized framing is the best for the actual artwork and matches the customer’s home and budget.  I always ask myself the question… “Would I hang it in my own home” I have built up a trust relationship with my regular clients, individual and corporate, and often they walk in, leave their work with me and say “I trust you with whatever decision you make”  The only way for this to work is to get to know my clients and build a relationship with them.

We provide a personalised service of doing hand and footprints of your new born babies and infants.  I personally go St Georges Hospital and do the hand and footprints while mom is still recovering after giving birth to their precious little ones.  This can also be done at the Gallery or when your children are a little older. These are done in Clay or Plaster and box-framed. What a privilege to do this when most members of the family haven’t even held these precious little ones yet!  We have even done hand prints of a grandmother and her two grandchildren…. She even asked if I would be prepared to do her little dogs paw prints as he is very close to their heart!

We also specialise in shadow box framing of all your memorabilia, from Ironman, Rugby Jerseys, Bouquets, Medals, Books, CD covers with photographs, Honorary Ties and Blazers, golf clubs, hockey sticks, spades, and I have even framed up in a box frame a pair of builders takkies!  The client’s husband had built the building that house their business today. The takkies had the original mud from the site on them….. These are all precious memories that we want to be reminded about!

We enjoy working with corporate projects and various interior designers as well.  Over the years this market has grown significantly and we understand how to interpret the corporate image whilst maintaining the uniqueness of the framing being done.

When working with interior designers my artistic background ability usually leads to a very synergistic relationship which stays within the parameters of what the interior decorator needs whilst enhancing the complete package of the project.

We’re passionate about bringing spaces to life, together with you.

Desiré Wright