Here at Creative Life Gallery we pride ourselves on continually making an effort to support and exhibit local artists. Being an artist myself, I know how much goes into every piece and how challenging it can be to get your work recognized or even finding a place to display new works.

We try maintain a constant flow of local artists, each specializing in different mediums to cater for a variety of tastes.

There’s a little bit of everything and at an affordable price too, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to own a piece of something beautiful to enhance their home or office space.

If you can not find exactly what you looking for we can find a capable artist who would be willing to be commissioned to create a specific artwork or source art prints to suit your exact specifications.


Current Featured Artists:

  • DesirĂ© Wright
  • Itai Vangani
  • Dennis Delmar
  • Sharon Boyd
  • Chantal Fielding
  • Bryan Hossack
  • Francis Sibanda
  • Shepherd Xego
  • Jacqui Buckley
  • Didi de Bryn