Creative Life Gallery

Ceramics and Baby Hand and Footprints

We offer a lovely selection of Handmade Ceramics made by  local artists like Meshack Masuku and our own Desiré Wright.

We do hand and footprints of your precious little ones. We first do an impression into soft clay, which we will bake in our kiln, but before we do this, we make a plaster of paris print. Most parents like the plaster print as you get to see so much more detail from babies hands and feet. We bake the clay and always have the plaster print as a back-up as sometimes we can have mishaps during the firing stage and because clay is a natural product, it can crack. This doesn’t happen often but we like to know that we have an alternative which can still be framed.


We provide the personalised service of doing hand and footprints of your new born babies and infants. We are available to go down to St Georges Hospital and do the hand and footprints while mom is still recovering after giving birth to her precious little ones.  This can also be done at the Gallery or when your children are a little older.

Capturing a moment in time, an impression of your baby’s first touch. These prints will show all the delicate details of your babies hand and footprints and will last an eternity, a timeless piece, perfect for a gift or family heirloom.

We have even done a series of hand prints of 3 generations of men from the same family. I have had a request to do the paw prints of a clients beloved dog as well, and I’m sure we could do this!